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Drawing the ball is fairly simple once you have developed your basic swing.  The hard part is trusting the swing enough to "allow" the ball to start out to the right and come back to the center.  Seeing the ball begin its flight to the right of the target line gets your attention until your confidence catches up with your technique.

The basic technique is to aim your shoulders to the right of the intended target line (closed stance) and move the ball back in your stance (about one ball width =2").  The backswing goes up to your normal position.  There is no need to put the club in either an upright or flat plane. 

The forward swing is executed by having a mental picture of your "middle" target.  The middle target is not where you want the ball to go, but where you want the handle of the club to go.  To draw the ball, you will roll your thumbs slightly past the 12 o'clock zone at waist high and carry them into a low finish position.  This will fractionally close the clubface relative to the swing path through the impact area.  This technique will cause the ball to fly right and curve left.

While the technique is simple, the trust and confidence to use the technique is more difficult to acquire.  Confidence comes from successful practice.  The most difficult part of the technique is "dialing in" the amount of curve you want to see. 

As a general rule, you normal shot will not be perfectly straight.  Hitting a perfectly straight ball is NOT a desirable skill.  What we normally accept as our straight ball is a shot that curves either left to right or right to left less than about five yards.  A controlled draw or fade will curve about five to ten yards.  A typical fairway is about 30 yards wide.  Divide the fairway in 1/3rds.  Aim your shoulders down the center of the right hand 1/3 zone.  This means the ball is most likely to start flying just inside the edge of the fairway.  A good mental picture of what to expect is similar to a bowler rolling the ball near the gutter and bringing it back into the pocket.  Working the ball requires fundamental skill and some intestinal fortitude to get the glory.

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