Simple Set-Up Routine

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A step by step method to systematically assume your stance, posture, alignment, ball position, balance, distance from the ball ... the same way, for every shot

Club sole the club flat and square to the target line.  Once the club is in position, it is your boss and teacher.  Keep your eye on the clubhead and do all the other tasks in this routine by feel.  If the club moves, put it back and back up one step in the routine

Grip ... assemble your hands on the club in the manner you have learned and practiced.  Be careful to watch and feel the club for any movement.

Point ... move your feet into place relative to the position of where the ball should be played in your stance.  Pay attention to the direction the toes point and the width of your stance between your heels.  Point refers to where the shaft points relative to your body.  Most modern clubs have a progressive forward press built into the design.  This is done to allow for a natural, variable ball position where longer clubs are played more forward in your stance and shorter clubs are played more back in your stance.  The idea is to cooperated with the club.  Let it lead you to the correct position.

Aim ... this is where you align your body to the target.  The shoulder line and the knee line are important, the line of the feet is unimportant and should be ignored.

Hangle ... insure your arms are hanging naturally and loosely from your shoulders.  Tension in your grip or your outer shoulder muscles will wreck havoc on your swing motion.  This is also where you check you toe to heel and left to right foot balance.


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