Starting the Backswing

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"Reach" … The First 1/3 of the Backswing

AFTER you have paid due diligence to your pre-swing fundamentals ... 80% of the success or failure of the shot has been PRE-determined, then we have to move the club.  By the time the handle of the club moves six inches, another big chunk of what's going to happen has been set.  Getting set-up to the ball and initiating the sling motion is where to look for most in-swing errors.

What to Think

Low and Slow movement away from the address position


What to Do

Slightly increase your grip pressure in both hands by “pinching” the thumb and index  fingers of both hands against the shaft;

THE TWO HANDED TAKEAWAY ... push the club back with your top hand AND pull the handle back with your bottom hand.  Move both thumbs together! Thumbs stay on top of the shaft;\.  The two handed takeaway PREVENTS the hands from controlling the sling motion and CAUSES the club to "stay in front" of your body, resulting in arms fully extended and a wide swing are needed for both power and control.

Both hands form and move the  ▼or ”Y” formed by the line between the shoulders, both arms and the center of the grip.


What NOT to Do

Do NOT roll/fan your hands (pronation or supination)

Do NOT flex or extend either wrist or “cock” the thumbs (radial flexion) towards the elbows


What to Feel

The handle of the club (grip) moving away from the ball with no sensation of

The hands are passive connect ors, not active hitters at this point in the swing


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