3 X 3 X 3 Short Game System
The Putting Chip Shot

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The Putting/Running Chip Shot

The putting/running chip is played from the close fringe area of the green when the ball is NOT in a tight lie condition.  When the ball is setting up enough to get clean contact without a downward angle of attack, the ball will easily pop up from the natural, manufactured loft of the club.  The shot will land softly without any sidespin.  The stroke technique is simply to setup and use your lag putting stroke.

The shot is aimed at an intermediate landing zone at least 6’ from the mown edge of the green

Club Selection:  SW – 8I – 5I


Ball position forward, even with/under your left eye

Hands even with ball, shaft vertical

Shoulders closed to closed relative to intended target line

Swing Execution

No wrist action … putt the ball with a lofted club

Backswing Length … 7-8 o’clock

Swingpath Direction:  Inside to Square

The Basic Chip Shot

Club Selection:  SW – 8I – 5I


Ball position back

Hands ahead of the ball, shaft “forward pressed”

Face slightly open; Shoulders slightly open … relative to intended target line

Swing Execution

No wrist action … putt the ball with a lofted club

Backswing Length … 7-8 o’clock; forward swing “goes” thru your nose

Swingpath Direction:  Outside to inside, across the intended target line (path follows shoulder line back and through)


Use the normal 5-part setup routine with modifications which accomplishes the following goals … a dead hands, downward, descending swing arc, with a natural, outside to inside swing path and an open clubface impact position.

Club … Set the club flat and square nearly opposite, but slightly forward of the center of the stance

Grip … A neutral strength, very light hold where the wrists are firm and the hands are soft; the hands will be placed in a low, mid or high grip length position

Point … the hands are moved 4-5” forward of the ball, opening the clubface; the clubhead, left thumb and left shoulder form a straight line; the arms and shaft form a “Y” shape; the feet are moved into place with the left foot turned about 45° open to the target line and the right foot generally pointing at the back of the ball; the heels are close forming a less than shoulder width stance

Aim  … the shoulders are aimed as equally far left of the target line as the clubface is aimed to the right of the target line; together the shoulder line, target line and clubface line form a “W” shape

Hang … your balance will be 50/50 between your toes and heels and 60/40 favoring your left foot

 “Slooow And GO” Stroke Rhythm

  1. You will use your lag putting rhythm for chip shots.  The key to consistent contact is to NOT rush the forward stroke.
  2. The backswing will be about three times slower (longer time) than the forward swing.  The forward swing will move about three times the distance of the backswing in the same amount of time. 
  3. There will be smooth transition between the backswing and forward swing, the transition is nothing more than not being anxious to hit the ball.  The “and” part/transition is the most important part of the chip stroke.

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