Address Posture

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Good posture is the starting point to good golf.  Consider this statement ... "posture creates the possibility for a natural, free-flowing swing motion".  There are five checkpoints of good posture ...

  1. Butt up ... excessive knee bend caused by saying such as "sit on a barstool" have died and not in golf purgatory.  Bending your knees too deeply causes your weight to shift onto you heels.  Name one sport where you are coached to sit on you heels.

  2. Chest down ... bow over enough for you arms to hang from your shoulders.  The amount you bow over will DIRECTLY affect your swingplane.

  3. Chin up, back straight ... get your head up off of your chest.  Visualize a straight, stiff rod entering the top of your head and exiting your southern porthole so as to create a generally straight line through your upper body.  The goal is to kill the humpbacked whale ... chin ducked into your chest and rounded shoulders.  A little care must be taken to do this checkpoint without becoming overly stiff.

  4. Hangle ... hand and dangle your arms. Visualize wearing a long necktie ... the tip of the tie would touch your left thumb on the grip.  Good posture is difficult to achieve if your clubs are not adjusted to a correct posture.  This may mean shorter or longer shafts, flatter or more upright lie angles or a combination of both.  You should have a only slight bend in your wrists (small angle between your forearms and the shaft).  Do NOT reach for the ball or crowd the ball!  Both will affect your natural swingplane.

  5. Weight on the balls of your feet ... the balls of your feet are defined as the fatty pads behind and across the toe joints.  A plumb line dropped from your lower torso would point to this area.  Few players have a problem being out on their toes.  Far more players have their weight on their heels.

To take a good posture do the Bow, Squat and Hangle Drill, by the numbers, like a soldier ...

Standing tall, back straight, head erect, thumbs on the right shoulder (with the club), KNEES LOCKED

  1. Ready ... Bow!  Lean your upper body forward from the hips until your weight is on your toes and you begin to feel a slight loss of balance

  2. Ready ... Squat!  Unlock your knees and allow them to slowly flex ONLY ENOUGH to return to a secure balance from toe to heel.

  3. Ready ... Hangle!  Let your arms fall from your shoulder and hang like a necktie.

  4. Double check your execution against the 5 checkpoints (above)

  5. Do this drill a million times with every club in you bag.

If you consider these things it explains why taller players have a more upright swingplane and why shorter players have a flatter swingplane.  This is one of golf's paradoxical opposites.  Tall players tend to bow over more while shorter players tend to stand more erect.  The more you bow over, the more upright your swing plane will be.  The taller you stand, the flatter you swingplane will be.  The more you bow over, the more your shoulders will rock up and down and the greater is your chance of over swinging and having a flying right elbow.  The taller you stand, the easier it is to turn back, but the harder to turn through.  You will have a tendency to have your hands get ahead of the ball.

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