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Posing is a learning technique well suited for beginning players.  With some modification, the posing technique can be combined with Shaping and Chaining techniques which are more suitable for players who are improving specific flaws in their swing motion.  The benefit


Purpose:  Teaches “feel” for the correct checkpoints of execution

Starting Position

You may pose in any specific positions ... takeaway, backswing, upswing, cock to the top, down, hold, pre-impact, impact, early follow-through, target side (mid) follow-through or late follow-through.


Here are the positions ...


Posing is simply freezing your swing motion in a specific swing position and holding that position for a sufficient period of time for you to review each checkpoint of correct performance related to that position.  Posing can be done with only the club, but is more effective with some sort of swing weight device attached to the shaft.  A sufficient time is defined as holding the pose until your muscles begin to object to the weight of the club.  While posing you can review the specific checkpoints of performance. 

For example, at the target side follow-through position you can check for you leading elbow being folded, your thumbs on top of the shaft, the shaft pointing at the target, the toe of the club pointing skyward, your chest facing the target, your weight on or slightly outside the target, a generally straight line relationship between the clubhead, your thumbs and the center of your chest.


Chaining is nothing more than moving to the immediately preceding position, checking your performance, advancing the movement to the desired learning position.  In the learning position, the position is checked and held to point of a sense of fatigue and the advanced to the next position.


Fullswing Checkpoints of Correct Performance

Address Feet

a.  Stance Width ... shoulder width (as measured from vertical line from shoulder joint to inside of foot

b. Foot Position ... lead/target side foot open 15-30°, back foot square to target line (max about 15° open

c.  Balance ... 50/50 toe to heel and L to R

Alignment ... Knees and shoulder parallel target line

Ball Position ... variable technique

a. Driver ... ball off of lead instep

b.  Fairway metal, utility or long iron ... ball about 2" inside lead instep

c.  Mid Iron (6-9) ... ball slightly in front of the middle of your stance

d. Short Iron (wedges) ... ball slightly back of the middle o your stance




















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