Individualized Grip

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More words and pictures and videos have been devoted to the subject of how we put our hands on the handle of the club than any other aspect of the game.  There is no doubt about how you hold the club directly affecting the quality of your shotmaking.  For a good reason, it seems all golf instruction begins with how you grip the club.  A basic, functional grip can be mastered in ten minutes.  Understanding it's effect and cause relationships is another matter.

Need an opinion, ask a pro about how to grip the club.  You will mostly get the standard stuff detailed in the first/beginners section of this web site ... The Basic Grip.  That page provides essential and generally accepted information for a player who is new to the game or overhauling old, bad habits.  The purpose of this page, in this section for players who have already developed basic skills and are entering into the refinement stage of their game is to more closely explore standard instruction and how you might want to get a little off the standard track.

Clearly understand, the information that follows is integrated with the swing
method/theory advocated by this website ... the hands free, kinetic linked "sling" style!

I.      Grip Strength

A.   Traditional Definitions

B.  When Weak is Strong and Strong is Weak

C.   Using Your Hands as Passive Connectors

II.   What Your Hands Do in the Impact Area During Different Swing Styles

A.   A Brief History of Grips Styles

1.  The Handsy Style of the Hickory Shaft Era

2.  Early power players

3.  Today's Power Players


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