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This is all you have to do to hit
a golf ball far and straight!


You might want to simplify all this ..



Fundamental Instruction for Novice Players and Players Requiring a Major Overhaul
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Initial Concepts

Learning to Play

Your First Golf Lesson

Drills Principles


Golf Science

The Evolution of the Swing

Basic Faults and Cures


On the Green

The Myth of the Pendulum Stroke

Head Case Putting

Basic Putting Concepts

Pre-stroke Fundamentals

Stroke Fundamentals

Close to the Green
“It’s Just a Putt”

3 X 3 X 3 Short Game System

Basic Chip

Putting Chip

Basic Pitch

3/4 Gravity Swings


Before the Swing

Pre-Swing Fundamentals


Address Posture

Ball Position and Alignment

Basic Grip

Simple Set-Up Routine


While the Club Moves

General Concepts

Whole Swing Fundamentals

Critical Body Parts

Nose … Swing Center

Shoulders … Swing Motor

Elbows … Swingpath

Thumbs … Clubface

Intermediate Instruction for Experienced Players Improving Their Basic Skills

Learning Strategies for Better Player

How to Change Your Swing

Shaping for I/M Players


Individualized Pre-Swing Fundamentals


Ball Position

Individualized Grip



Detailed Backswing

Reach … 1/3 The Takeaway

Back … 2/3 Backswing

Up … 3/3 Upswing


Perfect Top of the Backswing Position

Detailed Transition

Cock, Bump & Drop


Detailed Down Swing

Hold to Release (Lag)




Strategic Putting

General Timing the Swing

"Slooow Annd Throw"

Three Lag Positions

90% Swing

What is Perfect Timing



Extending the 3 X 3 X 3
Short Game System

Less than Full Swing Wedge Play

Controlled Approach Shots ... The Cut Punch and  Knockdown

Strategic Putting

Strategic Rules for Different Putts ... Short, I/M, Lag


Sand Play

Cut Lob


Trouble Shots

Strategic Rules

Wind Play

Fairway Bunkers

Escape Shots



Advanced Instruction for Skilled Players and Players Who Compete

Integrating Your Game

Mastery Concepts

The Master Pre-Swing Routine

Building Swing Speed

Pre-Swing Fundamentals for the Skilled Player

The Advanced Grip

 Further Extension of the
3 X 3 X 3 Short Game System

Long, Lo Trajectory Approach Shots



The Fade

The Draw

The High Ball

The Low Ball

Uneven Lie Conditions

Advanced Timing for Shotmaking

The Strategic  Game

Playing Strategies

Zone Golf


Golf Psychology & Physiology

Controlling Your Mind

Controlling Your Body

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