Basic Grip

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General goals

Hands form single unit with no gaps or separations

Palms face each other so hands work as a team

Forearms are in a balanced position

Function of the Parts

Last three fingers of the L. hand provide all the "holding" power

L. index finger and R. pinky connect the two hands

First three fingers of the R. hand provide "feel" and power

The thumbs lock everything into place

Grip pressure

Relaxed muscles work more efficiently (clubhead velocity and smooth coordination) than tense muscles

Mental checkpoint:  hold it like a baby bird

Mechanical assembly of the parts

L.  Hand Dot on Top, thumb print at 2 o’clock

Second knuckle on the L. thumb fits into the "head of the valley" on the R. hand

R. palm square with the clubface, thumbprint at 10 o’clock


To place the top hand on the club, allow your lead arm to hang naturally to your side and simply close your fingers around the shaft

Never take an over length top hand position ... the entire hand fits on the shaft

The top hand grip is a palm grip, the right hand grip is a finger grip ... the role of the top hand is to provide stability and control, the role of the bottom hand is to provide feel … correctly placed, you will feel the “dot on top”


The assembly of the grip begins when the club is placed into a flat and square position behind the ball … once the club is in place, look at it and insure that it stays in place … the club becomes your “instructor” telling you how far to stand away from the ball and where to play the ball between your feet …

Yes, these illustrations are in here twice because they are that important

The thumb of the top hand fit into the "bottom of the taco" (pocket formed between the fatty thumb and heel pads)

The bottom hand "slides" up, snuggly to meet  the top hand

The hands form a single unit where neither hand dominates (produces leverage against the opposite hand)

Grip pressure is critical … NO white knuckle death grips … hold the club softly in the fingers while not allowing the wrists to be “flippy-floppy”

The Right hand is a "finger" grip

The hands are "unified" into a team, but each hand has a specific role

At the top of the backswing, NEVER allow the bottom hand to come off the thumb of the top hand …”Grab Your Thumb and Don’t Let Go!

The Overlap or Vardon Grip is the most popular grip for all players

The interlocking grip ... best suited for players with smaller hands

The ten finger is used by younger players and ladies who might lack strength in their hands

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