Individualized Alignment and Ball Position

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Basic Alignment for the beginning player is one thing, but as your skills develop you will want to make some adjustments to fit your individual needs.  Here's a very important note ... alignment is NOT determined by the position of your feet.  Alignment is determined by the direction of your shoulders (the motor for the swing) and by your knee line.  Do not worry about your hips or feet.  The hips can only go where the shoulders and knees are aimed.  Although the feet are commonly (as these illustrations show) used to explain alignment, this is a bad practice.  When you open or close your feet relative to the target line, the true alignment of the rest of your body can be affected.



In the early stages of your learning you may be better served by a slightly closed or dead square stance.  This will promote the desired inside to square to inside swing path needed to prevent a slice or hit the ball straight.  Most professional players do not play from a square stance.  Most professional players play from a slightly open shoulder alignment.  As your skills improve, you may want to follow this practice.  An open alignment promotes an inside to out swing path into the ball, a steeper angle of attack (to compress the ball for distance) and free flowing release through the ball.  This is where golf becomes a game of paradoxical opposites (like hit down on the ball to make it go up).  When your ball is curving the wrong way, aim your shoulders and knees at the mistake.  Yes, this sounds bassackwards, but it is correct!  Slicers (typically novice and less skilled players) should aim at the right side of the fairway.  Hookers should open their stance (and some more stuff ... grip strength and ball position).

Ball Position

Alignment affects ball position.  When you play from an open alignment you need to move the ball back in your stance (about one ball width)




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