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Nine out of every ten golfers struggle to break 90 and ... nine out of ten golfers choose to teach themselves  ... typical golf instruction is ineffective  ...become a better, scientifically organized self-teacher! 

Machines do not play golf, humans play golf ... hitting a golf ball long and straight is complicated ... Control  your game by controlling a few critical body parts ... your nose, shoulders, elbows and thumbs mastering a few simple, correct fundamentals ... learn how to correctly practice for both learning and performance

Teach Yourself to Play Better, Consistently Good Golf!
Get Biomechanics/Kinesiology - Motor Learning - Golf Psychology Working for You
Scientific principles and facts, not just opinion ... discover a Biomechanically efficient swing motion,
Motor Learning laws to guide more effective learning and practical Golf Psychology for performance

Copyright 1992  [CraftSmith Golf Enterprises].  All rights reserved.  Revised: April 16, 2014

The business name CraftSmith Golf is not and should not be associated with the business name Golfsmith, located in Austin, Texas and other places.  Golfsmith is an excellent company that provides retail goods and custom clubmaking components and supplies.  We support and recommend their business.  You may contact them by calling 1 (800) 456-3344 or by going to their website www.golfsmith.com .  The business name CraftSmith has been in use for many years and is common to many other applications.  The fact that we are also in the golf business is only coincidence.  The word CraftSmith was chosen because of the common idea associated with providing premium quality craftsmanship.  The Smith portion of the word CraftSmith is associated with the common image of a silversmith or blacksmith  ... a dedicated, skilled workman who provides a valuable service.  The Smith portion of the word CraftSmith also comes from the last name of the founder of this business.  We do not trade on the Golfsmith name.

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