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  • We work to assist your whole game development

  • Our business philosophy is to give first and take second,
    always giving you more value than any money we earn

  • We teach scientific principles and facts, not just opinion

  • To give you maximum command and control over BOTH your learning experience and recreational dollar

  • To help you to Play Better, Consistent Golf with a
    minimum investment in time, money, effort and emotion

  • To help you discover better, easier, more Biomechanically

  • We want to be your golf partner.  Nine out of every ten golfers struggle to break 90 choosing to teach themselves

  • Even much professional golf instruction can be ineffective  ... as your partner, we help you become a better, scientific, well organized self-teacher! 

  • For you to learn, then apply functional user friendly golf sciences ... Biomechanics/Kinesiology - Motor Learning - Golf Psychology to your game


The 3-Part SLING
Backswing, Transition and Thru-Sling


Machines do not play golf, humans play golf

Hitting a golf ball long and straight is complicated

Control  your game by controlling a few critical body parts ... your
nose, shoulders, elbows and thumbs ... master a few simple, correct fundamentals

Learn how to correctly practice for both learning and performance

Your Choice ... Brains
or Beat More Balls

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